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Two is better than one & by alternating between the two modalities we create maxium MUSCLE SHOCK for you. It keeps your muscles guessing and ensures long term results. TTF's unique combination of endurance weights & kickboxing avoids muscle memory were people can plateau and stop seeing results. Be patient though, it takes time time to learn such a cool form of fitness like kickboxing which is ultimatley a sport. Be sure to grab our starter pack to help maximise your experience in the classes.

NOTE: Repetitive weights training or set programs that last 6-12 weeks often get boring fast & because your not boosting the heart rate into the target zone for long enough, you have a slow EPOC effect on calorie burn AKA "afterburn". Kickboxing & our endurance weights are more steady state. So you can enjoy knowing that you will be burning calories long after a TTF class finishes 

Why is TTF different?

We could now blast you with a well-developed marketing pitch. However, it's the fact we are a family owned local business & not a large chain. So if there's something you need done, here's the owners number 043529012, Paul. Talk to him or chat with him on the floor in person! We treat members with integrity & you get contacted from people, not machines, you get trained by people not TV's.

What is TTF famous for?

Members would say "getting fit and having fun doing it". We say it's our  cardio kickboxing & endurance weights blend. We are masters @ creating muscle shock, which is your secret to long sustained results. So if your that person who trains and trains with the same results, it's usually because you've developed muscle memory. Shock your muscles with kickboxing the shock it back to weights & PRESTO......... TTF gets results...

Do I need any previous experience?

Nope, but of course it can help! If your worried that you dont have any experience, stop that right there. Our trainers have seen it all, so please grab our starter pack and let us teach you the moves out of class hours 1on1. You'll love this place, but get the starter pack. Its super helpful.

what about Facilities like Showers?

Of course, Our Somerton Park Gym has 5 showers & change rooms with plenty of vanity space for getting ready. The Torrensville Gym has a shower/change room with an adjoined powder room & separate toilet room.

Do we train with partners?

Nah. We don't like that. We call that "Poor Man's Kickboxing" and honestly think it sucks. We have a large kickboxing room with over 20 bags and weights stations at each gym. You'll train on those! So, you will never hold pads for another member at TTF.

what does a typical Member look like?

Like you! We've developed all classes to be "unisex" and to suit all sizes, shapes and fitness levels. Our diversity is what makes us special & inclusive. Our members range from experienced/retired fighters to total newbies. We are proud that over 80% of our members are women. Be sure to check out "our members" page.

Can I just do Weights?

Of course, LIFT is apart of the brand! We run LIFT classes along side every kickboxing class & your free to join in anytime or just book lift without ever putting a pair of boxing gloves on whilst at TTF. and you wont be hitting the bags at all. Our gym is also fully equipped with free weights, cable machines, smiths machines, bikes, rowers & other key equipment. We are also well known for being unique, so don't be surprised when you see sleds, torsonators, sledge hammers, tyres, weighted vests, aqua bags, battle ropes & many more fun toys.

What do I need to start?

Sign up for a trial, download the app and start booking. Bring: towel, water, hand wraps, gloves & a smile. We hire & sell gloves and wraps if you need them!

Are you doing Fitness or Competition?

Fitness. All of our fitness classes are for the general population. The only competitive class is the Rose boxing club which is registered for competitive boxing. There is no expectation to compete, you can still train & enjoy the art of boxing.

I have an injury, can I still do classes? Take classes and train alone?

Glad you asked! Most of the time yes! All trainers have seen it all and are happy to offer you an alternative to moves you feel uncomfortable with. NEVER do a move that you feel uncomfortable with! Get the trainers attention in class and they will show a variation on the spot. EG: Sit ups hurt your back, just do squats & for best results work with a trainer 1on1 after hours!